In the Christian martyrology there are two Saints dealing with a cloak; one is Saint Martin who split his cloak in two with his sword to give a part to a poor against the cold and the other one is Saint Miro who used his cloak as a vessel to cross the lake. Miro Paredi was born in Canzo in 1336. His elderly parents led their life in a bucolic solitude which then became the hermit saint’s modus Vivendi.

But how did Saint Miro get to Sorico? He left Canzo and went to Rome living on alms and bestowing goodness to the forgotten and hidden. After his long pilgrimage he decided to come back but he wasn’t recognized in his home land; he said who he was to his fellow villagers and when he asked them what they needed a baby in his mother’s arms exclaimed for three times: “Water, water, water!” and the hermit showed how much his prayers were heard and answered by God as he had already done in Lomellina when he obtained water in a drought time thanks to his invocations to God. Seized by homesickness he decided to visit his mother’s area (she died when he was only two) in Val Chiavenna.

In Onno he asked a boatman to take him across the lake to Colico. The man refused so Saint Miro took off his cloak and laid it out on the waves; he got on it and miraculously sailed to Sorico where he took shelter in a cave near the old Church of Saint Michael. After his death in 1381 his mortal remains were found (on indication of two ravens) and preserved in that little white church which dominates Pian di Spagna, the River Mera and the first lapping of the lake from the hill. Inside the church in addition to a painting by the Fiammenghino dedicated to Saint Miro there are several frescoes with the Saint; one depicts him with a funnel hanging from the cord of his frock recognizing his role of donor of water.



San Miro

Luogo veramente fantastico!
Sono appena stato in un pomeriggio feriale,e posso veramente affermare che si tratta di un luogo pieno di fascino e storia. Senza poi tenere conto del bellissimo panorama sull\'alto lago,sul Pian di Spagna e sù tutte le montagne circostanti ! Degno sicuramente di una visita se si è in zona.

la storia siamo noi

Anche a Gravedona nei primi anni del dopoguerra si usava andare a SAN MIRO nei periodi di siccità per invocare la pioggia.mia madre ha partecipato più volte da bambina a questi pellegrinaggi.
si partiva da Gravedona e si raggiungeva SAN MIRO.naturalmente a piedi,andata e ritorno!!!.....

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