“A vessel full of … has arrived” paraphrasing this old child’s game you could say that “a FERRY full of … has arrived” and the ferries are the “Milano”, the “Patria”, the “Concordia” and they are full of … memories. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s there was the economic boom, employment opportunities for everyone: the biggest companies were in the cities or in the hinterland but to reach them wasn’t easy living on the lake shores (most of all in the farthest villages) and couldn’t afford motorized vehicles.

The only way to reach the factories was by steamship which very early in the morning boarded the greatest variety of people: groups of women knitting wool socks, caps or sweaters while chatting about their personal and family life in a sort of collective chant. Not too far from them male voices getting excited while playing the “mora” or shuffling the cards to play “scope” or “tresette”. And far from them a few students trying to revise their lessons before school and wilder guys playing street games such as “hide and seek” or “libero”….

Young lovers keeping by themselves in the second class away from prying eyes. A youngster standing outside even in the winter feeling ashamed of the too large trousers his mum bought him at the market, and a boy who was sleeping soundly on his way back from work, crying for the missed stop and a ship captain reversing the route to take him home.


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