The name Benito is the Spanish version of the Italian Benedetto (Blessed in English) and our man was really blessed when a day back in 1951 he found himself in the middle of a violent storm that reduced visibility to zero while in charge of a lucia (a typical lake boat) loaded with timber, thanks to God his hearing was good enough to hear the prolonged whistle of the “Como” a ferry pointing towards his boat which would have run over the lucia and crushed it with its blades.

Benito has never driven a car and he doesn’t care; his vital element is water on any kind of vessels (that being a “sepultùn” he himself built) from sailing boats to rowing boats to motor boats. He won his first races on fishing dinghies when he was only a child. Even now at his age you can find him almost every day at the prestigious seat of the Club A.V.A.L. /C.D.V. (Associazione Velica Alto Lario - Centro Diffusione Vela) with his telescope for his secret dialogue with his lake. He has recently been seen riding his bike with one hand carrying a piece of a mainmast on his shoulder and people swear his eyes were full of wind




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