For centuries people from Gravedona have received their name and the water of life on their forehead immersed in the baptismal font whose fish-shaped trace is still to be seen on the floor. The Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio was in fact the Early Christian baptistery of the parish. Even though some scholars may disagree the holy building is thought to have been built by order of Queen Tedolinda (whose protuberant effigy is carved on the façade and has become known as “I tett de la regina” = the queen’s bosom). An episode which sees the Queen at the center of a story connected with the baptistery is about her beloved leper dog: the Queen herself immersed the dog in a hole in the floor full of water which dried up after the healing of the animal.

Another animal was the main character of a surreal story inside the Santa Maria: a shepherd from Pagnona crossed the lake with his boat to take some sheep and goats to the fair held near the Church of Santa Maria in Gravedona. In the flock there was also a splendid specimen of a goat “becch” which was terrified by the crowd and fled into the church. It got caught in a red stole and then in the bells ropes which started ringing frantically. Some women heard the bells and ran to the church; when they saw the animal struggling and emitting grunts and he thought it was the devil himself.

All what they did then including exorcism to make the “devil” go didn’t have any success but when the shepherd whistled to call his goat, the animal went back to its flock. Popular wisdom created t his proverbial sentence: “Vaar pussée un ciful de Pagnona, che cent scungiurabecch de Gravedona”.



la storia siamo noi. (2)

confermo la vicenda del caprone,era una delle storie che ci raccontava mia mamma che è stata battezzata a S. Maria del Tiglio il 23 dicembre 1937.......

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