Another sanctuary just above the village is known as the Church of San Gottardo; from there you can get a breathtaking perspective view of the last stretch of the lake. According to the legend in the 15th century there was a rough painting with the image of Saint Gottardo in a shrine on a path leading to the lake. Miners working in a ferrous vein near the hamlet of Tegano considered the Saint one of them and walking back home at the end of their working day they prayed asking him for divine interventions.

Faith and popular devotion spread so quickly and widely that the archpriest of Dongo, Don Carlo Manzi, had to lay the first stone of the now existing sanctuary. Inside the church above the altar there is a huge canvas with the Saint’s miracles for the sick people suffering from pains in the bones. Miners unconsciously knew that he was their protecting saint. The confessional reflects the style of the wooden ceiling and it is painted with floral motifs. Gian Mauro Della Rovere, also known as the Fiammenghino, gave his master colour strokes to the organ balcony painting figures of angels and musical instruments.


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