When you speak of gold in Dongo people could think you are speaking about all the golden bars and the objects made with this precious metal which in a recent past sank to the bottom of the lake right in front of the delightful village on the Upper Lake. But in Dongo it does exist a “Golden Hall” which is one of the main attractions of Palazzo Manzi (former Poldo Petazzi) seat of the town hall.

It is a neo-classical hall with rich golden decorations, a well-preserved furnishing of that period and frescoes representing dance and music Greek-Roman gods signed by Lavelli. The hall was in fact dedicated to parties and society balls.

In the building there is also a chapel with a small oratory dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, to attend their religious services and then after entertainment and a profession of faith a place to open up their minds: a library with more than 4000 volumes, some Incunabula and Cinquecentine of inestimable value and finally protected by a showcase the true treasure of the building: Ludovico Muratori’s complete works, his only complete collection in Italy.


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