Three rickety chairs, an old boat shelter and a pier which has been staring into space for a few years: ferries don’t stop here anymore. It has now become a place for fishermen but first you have to deal with the ninety year-old Carletto, who has anarchically managed the “passerèla” (boardwalk) of the jetty allowing passengers to embark and disembark from ferries, a junction between mainland and the rolling waves and vice versa.

A peculiarity of men in charge of lake piers is that sometimes they are philosophers and sometimes they are only odd people and Carletto is one of them. He is known for his long career as a poacher avoiding being caught by fishing protection officers with tricks worthy of Arsène Lupin: once he was near the pier, he saw the boat of the law enforcement officials and he ran away forgetting on the shore a half hidden “sibièll”(landing net). Afraid that it could be discovered and confiscated he ran home, he disguised himself as a woman with a head scarf and went back to the “crime scene” and in a falsetto voice asked what had happened. According to people he still disguises himself as a woman when there is a shortage of fish.


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