Even if it is not among the most famous villas on Lake Como but it has its own kind of charm attracting the lovers of the so called “English gardens” (mixed with the “Italian gardens” style): mowed lawn surrounded by richly flowered tall trees looking like court ladies during their daily walk, just before teatime. The current owner’s philosophy referred to the Japanese botanical which meets our interest: “the person who designs and makes a garden mustn’t claim to immediately enjoy its beauty, because the fulfillment of the original design will take three generations”; love and care will then do the rest.

There’s a corner in the park which cannot be seen from outside which isn’t of a great architectural value (a lawn with some fig trees planted at quite a distance one from the other) and yet it has a great symbolic and affective value: the family’s dogs are buried under each tree. Buddha’s favourite tree it represents immortality and supreme knowledge.


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