Lake Como can’t be compared to the Loire area but the lake too has some well preserved manors: the castle of Rezzonico is an example. Built in 1363 by the Earls Della Torre of Rezzonico it is a “walled castle” with dwellings and a tower in the centre surrounded by a ring of embattled walls with angular towers; a perfect fusion of two elements of a tower enclosure and a turreted enclosure.

The owners of the castle had a long dynasty divided into several branches: in Venice with Pope John the thirteenth (also known as Pope Rezzonico) and in Como with excellent captains, jurists and literates among whom the dialect poet Giovanni Rezzonico is worthy of deeper critical analysis. The stretch of lake in front of the castle was the scene of many battles and during one of these the warriors defending the fortress were defeated by a group of highwaymen who settled in Della Torres’ properties to leave for their raids. In Rezzonico there is a recently built pier because the 1st of April of a few years ago the old pier was swallowed up by the lake.

The inhabitants were so astonished by the event that when a lady heard about it she thought to be a victim of the April Fool, but she opened the window of her house she gasped as there was no pier anymore.


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