The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is on Strada Statale Regina in Rezzonico (a hamlet of San Siro); with its stony and compassionate power it invites the travelers to stop for a short break and admire its works of art which make it so attractive and precious. A sense of protection will come upon you from the stories of the Virgin frescos painted by Michelangelo Carminati 1595 on the chancel vault. A touching light was given to the colours by the recent restoration in 1985 while works were let unfinished during the restorations in 1840 and in 1930s.

There are so many Saints with their stories and vicissitudes painted on the walls that it is difficult to a say which decoration or painting you will like best. But you certainly can’t miss contemplating the huge fresco “Battaglia di Lepanto” dated 1684; after such a war scene you won’t be surprised to see the sturdy walls of stones and pebbles outside; some of these walls are six metres high and belong to a late Roman fortress built to check trades both by water and by land. Its structure is might have been a small “castrum” in the past.


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