There are no official records to prove the accuracy of the facts, but in the area it is considered a true story. In the nineteenth century in a mountain hamlet of Tremezzo a hard working farmer was mourning the death of his beloved wife. After the funeral he missed her very much. After some time, being in great shape, he married his sister in law as it was usual at the time. At the beginning everything was right, children were born, the bread was guaranteed but then something went wrong and the whole family was against him.

A sense of emptiness and loneliness overtook him, so he started nurturing a foolish idea: he wanted to speak about his sadness to his death wife and the only way to do it was to exhume the corpse from which he only removed the skull and from then on he spoke with it every time he had a problem looking for comforting answers.

His family thought he was crazy and called the police. When the police spoke to the farmer, who naively thought that it was no crime to speak with a skull, found no reason to arrest him. Everything ended when the farmer died after having eaten a soup where someone had probably put some finely chopped oleander leaves.


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