His shop, which couldn’t care less about modernity, is in Bolvedro, a hamlet of Tremezzo on the busy Statale Regina; yet once the door is closed you can immerse yourself among old scents of cologne and the noise of scissors. According to his stories the “barbitonsore” par excellence was nicknamed the “Golden Comb” by his fellow villagers and by the more or less famous characters who had sat on one of the two chairs in his shop. Impressing pieces of the “Butega” are two huge mirrors with floral decorations in Art Nouveau style and a centuries old wooden high chair for young customers where their nostalgic grandfathers had sat many years before to have their hair cut ŕ “l’umberta” or with the “vertes”.

An almost insignificant occurrence gave Alfredo’s father, who was a barber too, a brief moment of cinematic glory; as he was the first trumpet in the band he was chosen by the film director of the movie “Una vita difficile” starring Alberto Sordi to simulate the two-tone horn of a bus with his trumpet. Next to the barber’s an old and almost crumbling building (once the hotel Corona) has a biblical decoration of the “temptress woman” on a corner wall. The rumor is it hosted a brothel with “pink dances”; someone else says that the sign was only a joke because people from Bolvedro are real jokers.


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