“In the middle of our …. trip”; if Dante had come on a tourist excursion on the “Larius” west shore, once in “Tremedio” or “Tramezzo” (the village with this name is in fact half way on lake Como), he would have started his universally known masterpiece with the words above There are more than only houses, villas, hotels (some of which internationally renowned) scattered all over the lakefront. You’ll get the same feeling climbing inland to explore the small hamlets scattered in the wide municipality which have been included in the exclusive club of “the Italian most beautiful hamlets” some years ago.

Balogno, Bolvedro, Intignano, Rogaro, Viano, Volesio are the setting of a few interesting stories. On 18th September 1895 Mr Battista Galli from Bolvedro received a strange letter from a Mr Angelo Velassco de Castillo (the captain of the Spanish cavalry regiment who had the role of treasurer in charge); in the letter the captain confessed to have subtracted and buried a box with the remarkable sum of £840.000 near Tremezzo; being imprisoned in a penal colony in Cuba he was unable to dispose of the money and he couldn’t ensure a decent future for his daughter.

He asked Galli (against payment of a substantial rate) to pay in advance for his daughter and her governess and to send everything to his servant Manuel Zumbreras en Quintapallas. There is no evidence that Galli really did what he had been asked to do and maybe somewhere in this village a treasure of (out of course) coins is still waiting to be found.


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