It is a simple dish of country tradition which lasted almost a whole week. The Polenta unta prepared with cheese from the Alps is a tasty variation for gluttons.

Mixed flour for polenta 80% sweet corn 20% buckwheat 400 gr; Butter 200 gr. (possibly from pasture); Cheese 400gr (medium fat possibly from pasture); Garlic 4 cloves; sage 20 leaves cut in two halves; salt to taste; a domestic hen.

Cook the polenta for at least 50 minutes, cut the cheese into squares or slices. Butter a casserole. Pour polenta in pieces and cover with layers of cheese; cook butter with garlic and sage until they are browned. Pour the butter on the Polenta and cheese. Keep it warm on a on a low heat then serve it with the hen. If the hen is domestic let it cook at least 2 hours, sting it with a fork from time to time. If it is a farm hen cook for 45-50 minutes. To boil dunk it into boiling water with celery, onion and carrot and if you want a clove of garlic.



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