Even atheists can visit the sacred Mount of Ossuccio without compromising their “non creed”! The 14 shrines seem to be part of the show of a silent “itinerant theater company” more involved in details than in Jesus’ Life. The details go from the seventeenth century costumes to the typical rustic pottery; from characters with a very marked “goiter” a symbol of envy and malice, to a large group of painted or carved angels (fifty-two to be exact) who (like diligent “masks”) take the visitor to the top of the Sacred Mount.

Of great scenic impact the shrine of the Annunciation and the one of the Crucifixion: in the first shrine (the first to be visited) the contrast between the magnitude of the event (the angel announces Mary her conception of the Son of God) and the humble surroundings catches the eye; the graceful a n d dignified surroundings are neat with linen (bed linen rimmed with lace) and furnishings (a “peltrera” which is a sort of cupboard holding on its shelves dishes and copper buckets). A bobbin lies on a chair, index of a time lived without frenzies as was life in the area at that time. Completely different is the scene with the crucifixion of the three convicts on Mount Golgotha; it gives an idea of chaos and the violence of a power which had the right of life and death on people. And yet even in the most tragic situations there is always a glimmer of humanity and here it is represented by the astonished and compassionate face of a mother breastfeeding her baby and holding him to her chest to protect him from what the future has in store.

There are many other details connected to the territory and its culture; for example in the sixth shrine you can see the “Zoca de l’Oli” and in the seventh the men flagellating Jesus who are using willow twigs. So even atheists can visit this place of prayer and go back home with their non-creed un-touched, but walking downwards they can’t pretend not to see that beam of light coming from the sky to dive into the lake.



Giringiro parte 1

Da tempo desideravo farmi un giro sul ramo del Lago di Como, da quando la mia mamma mi ha parlato della Greenway. Poi ho scoperto Terra e Acqua, comprato, mangiato in una domenica pomeriggio e qualche giorno dopo, il 31 ottobre 2013 sono partita.
Il tempo è terribile ma niente mi avrebbe fermato,arrivata ad Ossuccio piove a dirotto, ma una volta parcheggiato possiamo partire senza aprire l\'ombrello e da qui inizia il giringiro!! Armata della mia inseparabile Nikon affrontiamo le cappellette che ci accompagnano alla Madonna del Soccorso. Il panorama anche se grigio e bagnato è stupendo, quello che volevo anche se poi un piccolo premio l\'avrei desiderato, uno spicchio di azzurro! Ho trovato un \

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