As an alternative to the well signposted Green Way there is the Dark Way, having no signs it leaves freedom of movement to everyone who’d like to look for mysterious places and local legends. If travelers went near the parish church in Lenno, they would hear from the underground the prophet¬ical words from an Oracle telling them what to do in their future. And if someone were to be near the Lido of Lenno sitting on a rock washed by the waves, in the utter silence they would hear the tolling of the bells coming from the lake depth and it would be only natural for them to bless in remembrance of a terrible flood which sank part of the village.

When walking on the narrow road leading from Len¬no to Cam¬po, exactly halfway close to the “capele¬ta”, you could come across the grim figure of a Spanish bandit disguised as a friar during the day and as a cruel murderer at night and hear the murder victims voices chanting: “of Saint Francis he didn’t have/ but the cord and the humble frock/ he was a treacherous quarrelsome/ who from the strains and the string/ saved himself by fleeing….”


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