Years ago coming from Como to Gera Lario, just after Ossuccio on an elevated walkway in Campo you could read “welcome to Tremezzina”. Thus you could understand not only to have reached a topographically well-defined area, but also to have reached a place where the intellectual and linguistic atmosphere was different from the villages on the first lake basin. You would get a confirmation of that feeling when you got out of your car to ask a native for information and you were captivated by the calm, almost musical eloquence.

The welcome writing has now been removed and replaced with a simple: “welcome to Lenno” and yet the feeling of being on “another lake” is strong. The landscape full of olive trees supports this thesis and makes it the only land on the lake to be called “Riviera” by guide books. Even if Tremezzo gave the name to the whole area, Lenno (from the Latin person name Alenus) is to be considered its chief town both historically and culturally.

The small promontory of Dosso d’Avedo shades the “Golfo di Venere” (Venus’s Gulf) also known as the “Poets’ Gulf” with its greenery. Monsignor Angelo Sironi, archpriest in Lenno from 1937 to 1962, could not escape the poetry of the place and wrote a hymn: “Close to high mountains/ where the slopes stop/ cheered by springs/ crowned by olive trees/ on one of the merriest breasts/ situated oh Lenno you are/like a king on his throne sits…”


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