Climbing a winding road from the village of Lanzo Intelvi you can reach the last offshoot of the Valle d’Intelvi: the peak of Sighignola, also known as the “Balcony of Italy”. The terrace is at 1320 Mt above sea level on the border with Switzerland. From this place of priceless beauty the eye can embrace the lake of Lugano, bright mirror of cerulean water among lush green mountains. On a clear day you can easily see the highest peaks in the Alps among which Monte Rosa and Cervino.

The charm is so great that you may feel suspended in the sky watching the world from above, from another dimension. On Sighignola you can also see the remains of the trenches built along the “Linea Cadorna” during the first world war; fascinating historical records of a recent past and evidence of the strategic importance of a privileged vantage point on the territory. Because of its beauty and its picturesque location it has a strong tourist vocation: when the weather is fine you can walk from Lanzo up to Sighignola for example and in Winter people can exploit the well-equipped ski slopes.


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