The small hamlet of Verna, a handful of houses overlooking the Ceresio, has been hosting in piazza Solari a museum dedicated to Piero Gauli since 2003 . Painter and ceramist he was one of the leaders of the movement “Corrente 1938-1945” founded by Ernesto Treccani. The museum houses the many works given to the town hall of Ramponio Verna. Born in Milano on the 6th June 1916 Piero Gauli died on the 4th of January 2012. Strongly linked to Verna, his father’s hometown, the artist spent a long time in this tiny village in Valle d’Intelvi, working hard in a studio next to his father’s house whilst hosting artists and intellectuals.

Among the works preserved in the museum there are some outstanding paintings portraying “the history and the life of the Alpine Gunner Piero Gauli” and the battles on the River Don. Gauli was an Officer in the Third Regiment of the Alpine Artillery “Julia” and his Alpine hat accompanied him on his “last trip” to the Church of Sant’Ambrogio a Verna. Both this church and the renowned Sanctuary of San Pancrazio in Ramponio house his works on the Via Crucis. In the museum there are also precious ceramics and his family home preserves a lot of the artist’s works.


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