It is clearly a “crime” to describe only one church in Valle d’Intelvi. To avoid this crime you could make a simple game: write small cards with the name of all the sacred building with their vast artistic heritage and put them in a hat, take one out and “voilà” the name ofthe Chruch of Santa Maria Assunta in Scaria comes out.

The church is an outstanding example of late Baroque. Its frescos and stuccos are the work of two brothers from Valle d’Intelvi, the Carlonis. One, Carlo Innocenzo, the “Magister” of images and colours; the other, Diego, exquisite stucco artist: the work of the first was then framed and decorated by the other in an amazing symbiosis.

The subject of all the frescos is Our Lady in different episodes of Her life: “Birth of the Virgin”, “Nuptials of the Virgin”, “Immaculate Conception”, “Coronation of the Virgin”. The frescoes unleash strong emotions just at a glance showing Valle d’Intelvi’s most famous artist strong devotion to the Mother of God.

The poet Scampini describes the artist’s authentic faith in these delicate verses: “one by one, every day, Mary/takes out the jewel She wants:/the joy of a colour, of a glare/ a smile or a seraph,/ the most gracious that revolves around Her,/so he adorns Her Glory in Heaven.”


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