His picture, the only one available, was stolen thirty years ago from the tombstone at the entrance of the small village graveyard, which next to the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta dominates a great portion of Val d’Intelvi. A vandalism or maybe the awkward theft of the photo on behalf of a collector. An insult to a whole community. The 24 year-old Giuseppe Peduzzi from Schignano was a third class passenger on the Titanic and one of the 37 Italian casualties of the most famous shipwreck in the history.

From the 15th April 2012 he has his face back thanks to the skill of the illustrator Elena Bordoli and to the advice of Claudio Bossi (the Italian top expert on the Titanic) and Matteo Pelloli (member of the Titanic Historical Society). His face is the condensation of ten sketches starting from Giuseppe Peduzzi’s sister’s facial features (who died when she was still very young).

One hundred years after the shipwreck, Schignano and the Val d’Intelvi decided to turn back the clock and celebrate this boy’s resourcefulness who at 24 years old dreamt about America. A lot of people nowadays go to the small churchyard to lay a flower or a poem at the foot of the tombstone with the inscription “On the sea where the sudden disaster of the Titanic submerged brother Giuseppe”. Among the thoughts read or left there in the last 12 months people from Schignano has chosen one signed by Pompeo Peduzzi: “the Titanic is our life ship, which everyday sails the sea of our existence with its load of delights and sorrows, hopes and certainties”.


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