In front of the entrance to the old tunnel in Brienno (opened in 1893) on a touristic sign on the right you can read: “Mina Tunnel” (the capital letters could lead us to imagine a place where all the famous singer’s records have been collected). The tunnel instead was built during world war I and can be reached on foot walking on the provincial road underneath. But why is there a tunnel above another tunnel? History teaches that home bellicum in order to contrast and win against the hated enemy invents all sort of solutions.

Built between 1916 and 1917 the Mina Tunnel in Brienno was used as a place for a protected stakeout with artillery and mined tunnels; in case of advance of the enemy army they could be blown up invading the provincial road and blocking the only access both from the north and from the south. If you happen to go inside this artificial tunnel you will have the strange feeling of being at peace and war is almost one hundred years far away.

A torch lightens up the darkness and you can see strange shadows of men leaving evidence of their passage and prayers to the Madonna of the Puncett of the nearby church engraved on bricks and deleted by the Dust over time. You can visit this “stone memory document” all year round but you must book it in advance at the authority offices of Briennio and be accompanied.


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