Situated just outside the graveyard the Pyramid is considered by some an improper pagan representation and by others an awkward kitsch presence. Tasty and sincere the remark made by the Canon Vincenzo Barelli, provost in Laglio, on Sunday 13th June 1852 after the inauguration of the memorial where Joseph Frank’s mortal remains were put:

“...the pyramidal shape of the memorial has a mean effect in that position as it is too close to the mountain which also has a pyramidal shape and towers over it apparently saying to people who watch the two monuments from the lake how inadequate man-made work is in comparison with Nature. It would have been better to choose another shape”. And yet people from Laglio have always considered the pseudo Egyptian monument a flagship, a symbol of identification of their village and a tribute of gratitude to that German doctor who had always been generous towards the village and its population.


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