Moltrasio is the first village on the “Romantic shore” and has every right to boast of the title of “romantic” because of the many great artists, musicians and poets who for centuries have stayed there: from Vincenzo Bellini to Matthew Bellami (leader of the English rock band “Muse”), from Ugo Foscolo to the priest and poet Clemente Rebora and the great poet from Milan Delio Tessa who was sent in retribution to some relatives living there during his school holidays. Of great importance was also Gianni Versace’s stay (until his tragic death) at Villa Fontanelle, one of the most beautiful villas of the first lake basin. Very often when we see a road sign we only read the name of the place without thinking about the origin of the name itself.

The same goes for Moltrasio whose toponym has four origins: “Mount Larch or Mount of Larches”, “Razed Mountain” (referring to a ransacking fire caused by their enemies from Torno which destroyed the village completely); the origin of Moltrasio can also be “the place where you can obtain mortar” (in dialect “molta”) or finally “place which lies amongst the mountains”. People from Moltrasio are nicknamed “Mules” and even if the epithet could seem insulting this could be connected to the mules which used to carry material from the mines to the lake.


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