Leaving behind their long-standing parochialism the four villages (Moltrasio, Carate Urio, Laglio and Briennio) on the west lakeside are now known to the world as the “Romantic shore”. The adjective Romantic could also be replaced with Romanesque taking in the historical and artistic importance of the Romanesque churches in the area. Churches which are often seen as romantic locations for romantic weddings of both common people and VIPs. Walking along the “Romantic shore” on the lakeside road or along the internal roads we get the feeling of crossing a single village.

And the border line between a village and the other is for strangers hard to find. Every village has obviously its own features and its stories are jealously guarded by people born and raised there. The beauty of these places is however for anyone to see. If you reach the “Romantic shore” by ferryboat you can only get off at Moltrasio’s and Urio’s piers which are open throughout the year. Briennio is 16 kilometers from Como and you can get there in 20/25 minutes. The idea of “Romanizing” sites that even from the pages of glossy magazines arouse feelings of deep emotion could be considered farfetched but if you are ready to go far and travel you are also able to enjoy this eternal beauty through your eyes, your mind and your heart.

Five villages (considering Carate and Urio as two separate realities) in one day: that could be risky but it can be done; you only need good legs and the wish to see unusual scenery to take home a treasure chest full of amazing views such as private small bridges which even lacking architectural importance add charm to the Romantic shore. At least ten small iron or stone, vine or rust - covered bridges link the villas to the lake. Three of them are no longer bridges but flats and having your head in the clouds is not only a way of saying.


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