They seem to be two enormous cetaceans swaying to the sleepy rhythm of a secret lullaby in the water of the small harbour of Loppia: the “Rosina” and the “Giulia” are two old ladies of the lake, two gondolas of Lake Como, the only survivors of a fleet of hundreds which were distributed in several villages and were of great importance for the transport of goods and livestock and for the economy of the lake villages."The “Rosina”, class 1903, has even been through the first world war of 1915-18 and it was temporarily confiscated to carry war material by the Navy.

At the end of the war it was taken back from Pavia to Bellagio through various adventures by the legitimate owner Lorenzo Barindelli. In Bellagio the “Rosina” with a weight of 35000 kilos resumed its travels to Como to carry various goods and building material or from one bank of the lake to the other for transhumance of livestock some of which already used to be transported by boat others terrified. The “Giulia” is a generation younger than the “Rosina” and was built in Lecco in 1927. It makes its debut in society with the Pozzis of Dervio. It is 22 metres long and 6.30 metres wide and carries from 55000 kilos to 600 kilos. Among its bad memories are two or three holes above the waterline made by English aircraft gun machines during the second world war.

A great fright but luckily no injuries. Both the “Rosina” and the “Giulia” had and still have moments of leisure of popular devotion: films sets, choral concerts and bands, procession (most of all during the Feast of Saint John at the Isola Comacina). And now hushing the engine they sometimes go to full sail on the lake driven by Breva and Tivan (winds) to call the “Lia” in Carate, the “Fedeltà” in Como, the “Tecla” in Pognana …. And all the names of the nautae” which have been sailing on the lake for 2000 years.


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