To walk in the woods is easy in Bellagio, all you have to do is to follow the directions to San Primo: rich vegetation, scent of the wild and every now and then looking downwards you can get a glimpse of the lake shimmering. There’s a legend of seven hermits brothers who out of devotion to God decided to retire each in a different solitary hermitage and Primo, the eldest one chose these woods to pray. It is said that the brothers greeted each other at night from one hermitage to the other by lighting fires.

If you walk through woods in Piano Rancio, near San Primo you may meet two characters who know everything about these woods. Carlo is one of them, helmet on his head, a blazing chainsaw in his hand and tied on his side a bundle of climbing ropes. He represents the lumberjack of the third millennium: he cuts sick trees to make room for the new ones. The other is Pacio. Huge as a moun- tain in the woods he seems a fairy tale character.

Pacio, hammer and chisel, he tries to give trees a soul, carving in their bark the shape of a gnome’s face. It seems almost natural to address these faces to ask them about the secrets they preserve. Walking through the woods is easy in Bellagio, all you need is to listen to the rustle of leaves which can point you to our desti- nation better than any satellite navigation system.


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