Bellagio is lake but also and most of all it is mountains and once the roads which connected the mountain hamlets to the lake ones were extremely uncomfortable; the only way to carry goods from the mountains to the shore were quadrupeds, the mules but also a lot of donkeys; a row of donkeys and with their humble and obedient look they spared enormous efforts to men who worked in marl for cement mines. But in Bellagio donkeys could also make butter, especially the ones which carried fresh milk inside containers tied to packsaddles from the mountain pastures; thanks to their rocking gait, to the fluctuation inside the containers and the low temperature chilling the milk and making the cream surface the conditions for milk becoming butter were ideal. Given the ease of this operation as opposed to the much more industrious operation of making cheese a saying was coined: “The master of cheese has yet to be born, while even a donkey can make butter”.


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