It is there. Planted in the middle of the wooded headland like it were a traffic warden, sent there to direct traffic of currents and of the thirty-two winds transiting on both branches of the lake: branch of Como and branch of Lecco. Its condition of watershed calls to mind recalls the origin of the name: “bilacus” (however this hypothesis is considered untenable by other schools of thought which considered the name “Bellus” plus the suffix -acus more reliable.

Bellagio is “bell’agio” (nice comfort) and almost no other lake village has the same “phisique du role” (its features have been reproduced in a Casino in Las Vegas). This “natural-touristic monument”, pride of the lake, struck Parini, Liszt and Marinetti’s eyes and heart. Marinetti was the founding father of the Futurist movement he chose Bellagio as the final stage of his life committing suicide there.

Among the many characters (well known or unknown) who have visited there is a noblewoman from the North of Europe who fell in love with the place and made friends with some fishermen (one the principal activity in the village) and she taught them the art to preserve fish with salt as people did where she lived and her name was? Miss Olten.


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