The inhabitants of Nesso call Zelbio (“Gelbi” in dialect) and the neighbouring villages (Veleso) “Muntagna de Ness” even if they are autonomous villages. Of course they are mountain villages but this sort of generalization causes a bit of resentment. You reach Zelbio (812 m. above sea level) by car or coach very comfortably despite the continuous hairpin turns typical of a mountain roadway clambering up just after the first houses of Nesso. Like all the villages at the same altitude and inhabited by very few people in Winter Nesso suffers isolation but in Summer things are different and the village repopulates with holiday-makers.

The Library has been organizing very high level cultural meetings with prestigious names of the universal intellectual scene for five years. Among the visitors of this quiet place during the cold war between USA and USSR there was also a disturbing character called Mr Angleton an important pawn of the American counterespionage. In 1600s people from Zelbio were stricken by the plague. In remembrance of that pestilence a few centuries ago a walking tour called “Tour around the earth” was outlined around the village and every year on the 2nd of February the believers perform it on their knees till they reach a memorial stone for all the people who died in those terrible years.


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