The strength of a row setting the pace of powerful and firm strokes or a board quickly flying on the water mocking the waves are an indelible trademark able to join strength, class, inspiration and a great deal of passion. Daniele Danesin and Giorgia Gregorio are young but can speak about victories and healthy competitiveness in rowing (the first) and in wake board (the second).

They both are natural talents. Born in 1985 Daniele Danesin with the 8 light weights first and with the quadruple sculls and quadruple without light weights then he won the first world title in 2005 with the eight light weights; he also took part in London’s Olympic games. Rowing has grown together with the village. Wake board, a spectacular evolution of water skiing, has in Giorgia Gregorio, born in 1997, one of its undisputed standard bearer.

When she was only 5 years old she started exploiting the waves as a ramp as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Then she won the Italian, the European and the world titles in 2011. Stories of sport and lake. Two young people, an example for many.


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