His name appeared for the first time in “Corriere della sera” in an article written by Giovanni Testori some years ago. The article appreciated the originality of a theatrical representation of Molière in Milan. Amateur actors of the theater company founded and directed by Luoni himself acted in the play “El Pioeucc” translated in the dialect from Lezzeno. The binomial Luoni and Molière appear in many other dialect transpositions. The versatility of the “Lagheè” is to be found also in dialect poem collections and in his interest in the literary societies of the French ‘500s and ‘600s.

He is also a skilled painter and realizes sets for his shows. Basilio Luoni is a disarmingly shy intellectual who alternates meaningful moments of silence to words. A literary critic: Dante Isella writes about him: “ he is a writer who can name each thing, animal, tree, tool, wind or light both from the lake and from the mountains with the names they had received in immemorial time, still carrying them while sharing men’s life soaked in their joys and their sorrows”. A poet between ground and water.


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