Apart from the witches (even if you don’t know exactly how many witches were burnt, they must be an impressive number compared to the population of the time), apart from the fig trees which ripen twice a year, or the sun which in winter doesn’t consider it worthy to warm and light the houses not even for a short time, or the moon which in summer prefers to throw its romantic aura on other places, Lezzeno is still a village worth visiting. It’s the longest village on the lake: from Nesso border to Bellagio there are 7 kms inhabited. Inhabitants here unlike other villages didn’t choose to live too far from the shores and this justifies the intense fishing activities, prosperous centuries ago but still well represented nowadays.

Village life had and has a strong sense of belonging and complicity which even resulted in omertà during the epic years of smuggling . It wasn’t uncommon for strangers who asked for information about villagers, hear the inhabitants answer they didn’t know them at all and then discover the addressees were close relatives. Oddly the phonetics of the local spoken language transforms the sound “A” in “O” (la momm= mamma= mum, la moo= mano= hand, el coo=cane=dog, el poo= pane= bread).

Another folkloric element were boys’ trousers called in the near villages “calzuni alla lescienàta” and today’s Bermuda shorts forefathers.


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