Take a picture of Careno from the boat, omit the name and tag it with: “Cinque Terre old village”. Who will notice the deception? And yet this little village belongs to Lario’s “jewels”. Walking through the little roads that go down to the lake makes you feel the same wonder you feel when you walk in those characteristic villages in Liguria. Maybe it’s one of the thirty-two lake winds but the wind of poetry blows among those narrow lanes. Just above the characteristic pier of San Martino’s Church, one of the most ancient religious building in the territory, stands as a multi centuries old (X/XI) sentinel.

The minute you enter its walls you feel the need to pray. There are several frescos that, despite the wear of time, still courageously resist. Worthy of attention a big canvas with the image of the Saint on his deathbed; on the right side of the picture the devil holding a book is chased away and a worried Holy Mary on the top left corner urges her Son Jesus to intervene. You will feel a great emotion inside the bell tower too; if you look upwards you will notice on the side walls some flat stones which form an upward route used centuries ago to ring the bells.


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