In 1531 on the Lario a fierce and bloody battle rages between Gian Giacomo de’Medici, nicknamed the “Meneghino” and Musso’s lord of the castle, and the Duke Francesco Sforza’s soldiers. The duke was allied with the Grigioni’s armies to win the territory. Every part has its “hero” and Nesso has the “Meneghino”. His name is Hawk and like the bird of prey he is fierce, tough, brave, a real dread for those who dare to contrast him. He lives in a homestead on the peak of a cliff and when his legendary deeds are on everybody’s lips, he will be referred to as “Hawk of the rock”.

At his gloomy and desolate home his wife Orsola and his daughter Rina, his only affections, are waiting for him. Falco has a dear true and devoted friend; his name’s Grampo and he’s from Palanzo. He is the old witch Imazza’s son. She has made a pact with a spirit which has given her powers of foresight. One night the witch tells Orsola about an impending tragic event and the following day the prediction comes true: during a naval battle against the Duke soldiers Falco succeeds in saving the Lord of Musso’s brother: Gabriele de Medici.

Unfortunately during the same battle his close friend Grampo is injured to the throat. Carrying him on his shoulders he manages to take him to his mother Imazza in Palanzo. Thanks to her concoctions Grampo opens his eyes, but his recovery is short as he exhales his last breath in his commander’s arms. The following day Falco and Gabriele de’ Medici set off for Musso and when they leave the shores they hear the church bells ringing to death for Grampo’s funeral. With a heavy heart Falco leaves towards the end of his life and as the witch Imazza predicted he will lose his life during another battle.


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