Nesso is the third last village from Como to Bellagio (about 15 kms from the Como) and natural and touristic attraction which makes Torno different from the other villages is without any doubt the creek Nosé (“Nusée” in dialect from the Longobardic “nos” which means water and probably is at the origin of the toponym) which flows in whirling falls among the dark and roaring gorges of the socalled Orrido.

From above the view is frightening but if you walk on the old bridge “Ponte della Civéra” the vision of such a sight is awesome. In Summer in the ‘50s/60s people from Nesso, saving the effort of walking down to the lake on steep pathways, preferred to freshen up in those small lakes formed at the top by the river which in that point still the water flows slowly. Of historical importance are also the still well preserved remains of the very ancient castle, which is said to have Roman origins.

Thanks to its strategic position in the Middle Ages it was the “stone witness” of great battles. Odd the event that involves one of the first steam boats, launched in 1843 with the name “hawk of the rock”(at the beginning of 1900 the local rowing club was named after it and the same nickname also belonged to a historic legendary character from Nesso). Every time the steam boat sailed in front of the castle a “bombardino” fired blanks of greetings and the boat answered with a prolonged steam whistle.


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