People from the lake are usually referred to with nicknames taken from local old stories passed from generation to generation. People from Torno are known as “I Penagiuni”. Once upon a time, the story goes, many cattle farmers lived in the village. There was a year when cows produced a great deal of milk, much more than they had ever done and the cattle’s owner were incredibly happy about this. Rubbing their hands in glee they reckoned they could obtain a great deal of butter and make a lot of money.

And yet it was July and the butter solidification wasn’t so good, but people from Torno who were second to none in geniality thought that the sun which dries everything could perform the miracle. They also thought that if they had put the penagie (old tools to make butter) at the top of the church tower, butter would have solidified at the blink of an eye, no sooner said than done. But milk instead of butter became a slop which slid from the tiles of the church roof to the street. Someone tasted it and said Manna had fallen from heaven. Legends also say witches, apparently seven, lived in Torno. Someone met and counted them too. A man called Fendin worked at that time as a cobbler and a boatman, he was such a miser that he had never paid the salt toll to the priest to have his boat blessed. Unlike the other boars his was unblessed.

In the morning Fendin found his boat tied in a different place from where he had left it. He got wary and one night he hid in the darkest corner of his boat. At a certain point the seven witches appeared there (they were common housewives during the day).


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