Piazzaga like Montepiatto is another hamlet in Torno. Its still rustic character makes it unique. You can easily walk there on a 30 to 45 minutes comfortable mule track while admiring spots of great historical and archeological importance. In the area called Travaina there is a stone arch which was part of a tollhouse gate built by the foreigner usurpers to get tolls from people going from the village to their estates in the mountains and vice versa.

People from Torno have always called it “la porta di Spagnoo” and even nowadays they put a small pebble into the two crevices as a pledge when they walk under the archway. The small chapel of Travaina was frescoed by the recently deceased master Gianni Gandola a few decades ago. A creek called by the locals “la Val de Travaina” flows nearby. In the summer people swim in the creek pools. From there you can go to the massi avelli or rock tombs. In all the mountainous territory of Torno, visible or overgrown, you can find both big and small erratics transported during the quaternary period from the Alps to the Po Valley by the same glaciers which then formed Lake Como.

Most of them are in Serizzo and come from Val Masino in ValtellIna or the Valtelline Valley. Thousands of years ago some of these erratics were excavated to obtain graves for the local gentry. Walking through secular chestnut woods a comfortable and suggestive track leads you to the massi avelli of the farmsteads Negrenza and I Piazz. The view of the rock tombs, the place itself where they are set, gives people the feeling of stepping back in time. As it is a circuit once you finish your tour you are back at the starting point and from there you can take the long flight of steps which leads to the first cottages of Piazzaga. There you can have a meal at the “Crotto” and then if you want you can go (by jeep too) to Montepiatto.



Splendida passeggiata!

Bellissima la passeggiata da Torno a Piazzaga, rilassante, con panorami stupendi, non troppo impegnativa, perfetta per famiglie. Si arriva a Piazzaga in circa 45 minuti, ma consiglio vivamente di allungare il percorso e prendere, a circa metà strada, il sentiero che porta ai massi avelli è splendido, molto suggestivo e semplicissimo, una passeggiata pianeggiante di circa mezz’ora tra i boschi...
Arrivati a Piazzaga si può fare una sosta al caratteristico crotto. Meritano rilassante visita alle vie del borgo, pittoresco e particolare anche perchè non circolano auto (si arriva solo a piedi o con piccoli fuoristrada!) e si respira un’atmosfera davvero particolare, d’altri tempi!

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