Montepiatto is in its way a kind of “Saint Moritz”. 655 m above sea level this holiday resort owes its name to the broad plain where old farmhouses have been renovated and manors have breathtaking views. To get there from the top of the village you can choose between the slightly shorter path (on your right) known as “la strada de Vall de Cornu” or the one called “strada de Cavall” (on your left) used by off-road vehicles too. People from Torno have always preferred la strada de Vall de Cornu which offers amazing views.

After the awesome feeling of crossing a small bridge with a horned devil living on human blood hidden underneath (according to the legend of course), you can see two imprints belonging to San Carlo Borromeo: the footprint is on an erratic boulder overlooking the lake. From there the Saint is said to have flown off to the Sacred Mount of Varese taking with him the last two nuns of Montepiatto. The handprint is on a pocket in the rock called “Pezzoo” transformed by San Carlo from barren stone into a pure water source to quench his thirst.

Once at Montepiatto you must visit the Church of Saint Elizabeth but also the “Prea Pendula”; easy to reach following the signs it offers an unforgettable and amazing view. Standing close to that huge stone mushroom you feel so small and inexperienced in front of the overwhelming mystery of Nature that you almost lose interest in knowing the scientific explanation of the erratics transported by the glaciers of Val Masino. From Montepiatto you can take a path which, walking through the mountains above Blevio, takes you to Brunate.


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