A well always full of fresh water is still to be seen in an old house basement at 5 via Piave in Torno. Thanks to this well and even in dry seasons the present owners can water their flowers and vegetables. And that’s in their cellar that weird historical and legendary events took place. They were linked to a wellworshipped XVI century wooden statue of Our Lady of Rosary. When in 1522 Torno was ravaged and ransacked, some devotees hid the precious statue in a hollow near the well.

Back to their land after the exile the owner of the building started rebuilding it on the shattered walls, making it bigger. The family members of the new house were used to praying the Rosary before going to bed. Once, just after night fall, they heard a celestial and sweet voice from the basement answering the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries they were announcing. With surprise and fear they went down to the cellar and found the effigy of the Virgin Mother hidden in a hollow. They gave the statue to the religious authorities of the time and solemnly carried it in procession to the Church of San Giovanni where it was then placed. From that day on the sacred image was called Our Lady of the W ell.

There are still plenty of houses in Torno with inner wells and the clear water treasure in their basements have always been preserved regardless of all the renovations which have been made during the centuries.


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