The history of Torno, at least the popular history, is deeply rooted in religiousness. Impossible thus not to visit the many open air shrines called “Capelet” in dialect. Apart from one which houses a small statue of Saint Joseph, all the others are dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The “Capelett” are distributed on several spots in the village and still carry their traditional names such as for instance: Caranis, Pergola, Salvanigo, Someana, Travaina, Tuee, Vescia. Something weird happened to the little statue of Saint Joseph in the “Capeleta de Sumeana”.

In the ‘50s a man from the village who owned a large piece of land just behind the shrine was mowing the grass which had grown generously. The sky was blue and he worked hard. Once the grass was cut he spread it on the ground to dry; suddenly it started to rain and the owner, a notorious anticlerical, started to swear while gathering the grass in heaps. But the sky felt like joking that day and the sun came out again brighter than ever. The man set up to spread the grass again but once his work was over the rain was back with thunder and lightning.

By then the man was dispirited and furious and started to think that behind all this there could have been an instigator. Armed with a sickle and an iconoclastic rage he went to the shrine, took the little statue of Saint Joseph and with a single stroke he cut off its head.


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