Following the coast of Lake Como (SS Lariana) you can reach Torno by bike, motorbike, car, coach or by ferryboat. 7 km from Como Torno lays on a promontory on the first lake basin and has about 1000 inhabitants. It has always been a hard-working and creative village. In the 1400s people from Torno obtained international fame for the production of wool, and their “cloths” were exported all over the dukedom of Milan and Genoa, Venice, Trentino, Switzerland and the south of Germany too.

All this trade guaranteed economical and political power to the lake hamlet which didn’t have equals among the rural villages of the time. In some topographic maps the circle marking Torno was slightly bigger than the one around Como. During the centuries the handicraft from Torno experimented with other manufacturing: they made birds cages, mice traps and iron household items. The artisans themselves looked among their families and relatives for someone who had what it took to be a good travelling salesman and send him through Europe to proudly sell their products. Pietro Antonio Grasselli, known as Pedrin (1830-1910) was one of these people.

From his travels to other European countries he took inspiration to start a new entrepreneurial activity: manufacturing artificial funeral wreaths. Since then the founder and his heirs were called the “Curunatt”. An item which entered Italian and world households during the economic boom is the famous abrasive cloth also known through commercials:” with the Favilla cloth your house will shine”. The patent of this product was conceived and achieved by a chemist living in Torno.


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