If you want to plan a journey through the villages on Lake Como your ideal starting point could be the top of the lighthouse in Brunate, which dominates the first basin of the Lake from San Maurizio. From there you can take in everything worth seeing at a glance while your feet quiver in quest of feelings and emotions this land only can give you. Built in 1927 to celebrate Alessandro Volta with its threecoloured beam, the lighthouse stands 906 metres above sea level.

29 metres high it can be reached climbing a 143 winding steps. Once at the top the view is unrivalled. In clear and sunny days you can even see Monte Rosa. Together with Castello Baradello, the Cathedral and the Voltian Temple the Lighthouse is part of a historicsentimental iconography which people from this area treasure in their hearts. If you feel like extending your walk after the visit to the Lighthouse you can follow the path going from the square in San Maurizio to the ridge of Triangolo Lariano for a two day walk to Bellagio.If you take the downhill path instead you can reach the old town centre of Brunate with its mansions (some of them in neo-classical style), which overlook the lake trying to take the distance from the city and its chaotic life style.

In Brunate you won’t only see sumptuous dwellings but also unique and picturesque spots, like “ la Fonte del Pissarottino” (wellspring of the Pissarottino) with its panoramic viewpoint and “la Cuurt di Ebrei (the courtyard of Jews) and “l’Era del Papa” (the Courtyard of the Pope). If you are tired you can take the funicular railway which has taken tourists and people from Brunate to Como and their workplaces since 1894.

In 1898 the twentyfour yearold Cesare Battisti on a pleasure trip to the lake town admired enraptured this kind of “one cable car railway which climbs vertically uphill to the top of the mountain”. He was so stunned by this mechanical engineering masterpiece that he became the promoter of a project which was meant to reach Malè from Trento but he had to give up the idea of its realization once he started his journalistic career.


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