Over the years Carate Urio has been embellished with villas overlooking the lake with “Darsene”: peculiar buildings to harbour boats (and “secretively” swans and ducks too) in winter. It’s interesting to consider the stylistic difference between a darsena and the other. Some of them recall the elegance of the villas they belong to, others on the contrary have their own style and look anarchical.

Together with piers and jetties these shelters are the hallmark of timeless places where even waves make their voices heard. Carate takes its name from the Pre-Latin cara, carra which means stone, rock, boulder. Until a few decades ago there were mining activities in several pits above the core housing. From the famous “sasso di Moltrasio” they extracted a fine building material. On full-moon nights the place radiates a spectral light and it seems a mysterious huge cradle for stone dreams.


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